Standard 2: Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position.
Understands and uses key concepts, underlying themes, relationships, and different perspectives related to the content area.

Observation 10-27-09 : 5th Grade
Uses knowledge of student development to make learning experiences in the content area meaningful and accessible for every student.

Observation 10-27-09 : 5th Grade

Goal setting is a large part of my teaching. It is the only way for students to develop that artistic and critical eye for improvement in all aspects of life. Students are also able to work at their own pace. (5th - contour line drawing: example 1, example 2) (4th - Gesture Drawing ;contact me to view samples)
Relates ideas and information within and across content areas.

Each project students create is connected to reading. Please see any of the lessons in the student section on my web site.
Many lessons also extend into other curricular areas. Model Man in a Room relates to math and measuring. (Contact me to see this evidence.)
Understands and uses instructional strategies that are appropriate to the content areas.

Observation 10-27-09 : 5th Grade - Direct Instruction and Goal Setting