Standard 3

Standard 3: Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction.
Uses student achievement data, local standards, and the district curriculum in planning for instruction.

For each project students complete, a connection is made to the reading standards as well as the art standards. These are all listed on my web site.
Tiger Time: I use the dibels data from students in need to improve their reading fluency.
Sets and communicates high expectations for social, behavioral, and academic success of all students.

Student Behavior Rubric
Uses student's developmental needs, backgrounds, and interests in planning for instruction.

Abstract Art Choices (located on the 5th grade web page)
Selects strategies to engage all students in learning.

Observation 10-27-09 : 5th Grade - Goal Setting
Uses available resources, including technologies, in the development and sequencing of instruction.

Email from Superintendent and Principal