Standard 5

Standard 5: Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning.
Aligns classroom assessment with instruction.

Walk-Through 3-21-11 : 8th Grade - Teacher/Student Evaluation
Because I teach a fluency group for tiger time, I feel it is important to use the dibels data as a guide to be sure the program I use fits the student needs and the 5th grade reading target goal.
Communicates assessment criteria and standards to all students and parents.

Newsletters are a great way to communicate and my web site is easily accessible for students, parents, staff, and the community. The newsletters include the evaluation criteria as well as the standards.
Understands and uses the results of multiple assessments to guide planning and instruction.

The ticket out process includes: concepts and skills shown and described by the student as well as the self-evaluation discussion. All data is recorded on the class seating chart and then on a class wide chart. (Contact me to view this evidence.)
Dibels data for Tiger Time group.
Guides students in goal setting and assessing their own learning.

My students use goal setting with in their development of art. This teaches all students to improve at their skill level. (4th grade portraits and 5th grade contour line drawings are specific examlpes)
Provides substantive, timely, and constructive feedback to students and parents.

Walk-Through 3-21-11 : 8th Grade - Teacher/Student Evaluation
Teacher marks are given to students in regard to their self-evaluations (Contact me to view).
This year I wanted feedback on the art show and so I sent out a letter explaining the need and received a handful of comments from parents, students, and teachers (contact me for evidence).
Works with other staff and building and district leadership in analysis of student progress.

Email to staff on specific student progress. (Contact me to view this evidence.)
The CMS art teacher and I worked together to create a transitional evaluation from the 4th and 5th grade years to 6th grade and then through their 7th and 8th grade years. (Contact me to view this evidence.)